$10,261 Raised for deportation defense of detained immigrants


The Institute for Emerging Adulthood, Inc. and

Smith College School for Social Work

are proud to present


Solidarity with Migrant Families

Academy of Music Theatre

274 Main St, Northampton, MA

Sunday, July 29th

Doors at 3:30 pm

Show at 4:00 PM


This event is a fundraiser for Southern Poverty Law Center. 100% of proceeds will go towards immigration bonds to reunite detained families. 

Ofrendas: Solidarity with Migrant Families is offered as contemplation for our practice, minds and hearts: a gathering of financial resources to reunite migrant families, a briefing on the current immigration crisis and a calling in of life, love, and powerful community ritual.

A panel of speakers will present on current policy, impact, and implications for migrant families.

Diana Alvarez and ensemble will perform excerpted readings from her multimedia performance, Quiero Volver: A Xicanx Opera, an exploration of Xicanx curanderismo, themes of death, motherlessness, political consciousness, and building communities/families underpin the rituals offered.



Quiero Volver: A Xicanx Ritual Opera is a multimedia performance to honor women, and non-binary, and genderqueer people of color. This performance features original music, poetry, scripts, and documentary video by Diana Alvarez. 

Rituals and recitations by a small performance ensemble interweave Alvarez’ original songs with her video documentary portraits of women, non-binary, and genderqueer artists of color. These portraits are part of Alvarez’ PhD dissertation, Bridge Artistx Innovate: Gatherings of Women, and Non-Binary and Genderqueer Artists of Color.

Xicanx curanderismo, Deep Listening Practice (as taught by Pauline Oliveros), and themes of death, motherlessness, political consciousness, and building community/family underpin the rituals embarked on within this piece. 



Diana Alvarez - singer-songwriter • poet • artist • PhD Scholar

Pamela Means - singer-songwriter • jazz musician • activist • educator


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Panel of Speakers


Smith School for Social Work will lead panel discussion. Speakers to be confirmed.

Maria del Mar Farina

Maria del Mar Farina, PhD is the Assistant Director of Field Education as well as Adjunct Professor, at Smith College, School for Social Work. Her research work and area of study pertains to policy analysis and social justice, with a special focus on American immigration policy reforms, immigrant integration and the impact of contemporary White Nativist, anti-immigration discourses on Latino children; particularly children living in mixed status, immigrant families. Some of her most recent academic publications include, White Nativism, Ethnic Identity and U.S. Immigration Policy Reforms: American Citizenship and Children in Mixed Status Hispanic Families, book published in 2017; and, Mixed-status families and immigration interior enforcement policies: Effects on clinical practice and the intraethnic therapeutic dyad.

Dalila Hyry-Dermith

Dalila Hyry-Dermith was born in Tegucigalpa, Honduras.  Trained as a teacher and a social worker, she was involved in national liberation efforts in Central America through the mid-1980s.  In 1986, conditions led to her needing to move from Mexico City, where she was living at the time, to Massachusetts with her 45-day-old son.  In the US she has worked in addiction counseling, HIV prevention and education, and support for families with seriously ill children, as well as being part of a wide variety of community organizations and projects, focused always on communities of color in general and Latinos in particular.  She lives in Holyoke and remains deeply connected to her family in Honduras.

Jorge Renaud

Jorge Antonio Renaud is seeking suggestions as to what color scheme he should paint the ankle monitor the Massachusetts Parole Board ordered he wear after moving from Texas, 10 monitor-free years after being paroled from prison for robbery. He organizes communities of people whose lives have been disrupted by the criminal justice and immigration systems, working to amplify their experiences into levers that will wedge open borders and slam cages closed. He is a poet and essayist, and at the moment he analyzes criminal justice policy at the Prison Policy Initiative. He has degrees from University of Texas, Austin. 

Andrea Schmid

Andrea Schmid is a community organizer at the Pioneer Valley Workers Center where she focuses on immigrant rights and building power among farm workers, construction workers, and day laborers in Springfield.

Natali Rauseo-Ricupero

Natali Rauseo-Ricupero is a Master of Social Work student at Smith College School for Social Work and will be moderating the panel. She is a Student Representative of Smith SSW Anti-Racism Consultation Committee.

Ofrendas Merch

Merchandise is in currently in the design phase and will be available at the show. 100% of proceeds to Southern Poverty Law Center.


Ticket info

Our sliding scale tickets are offered as an invitation to choose a price point that best evokes the power of home - a cozy nido/nest, a rooted arbol/tree, the landscape altering rio/river, the journey of a camino/path, the radiance of an estrella/star.

Choose your donation level for our open seating plan. 100% of proceeds from ticket sales go towards Southern Poverty Law Center.

Doors at 3:30 PM

Show at 4:00 pm





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